Treatments with Calming and Relaxing Scalp Massage

These treatments infuse hair and scalp with natural botanicals that make hair shine and promote a healthy scalp.


Pramasana Scalp Masque

It's like a facial for your scalp. A scalp cleans to give a good foundation for beautiful hair.

30 minutes                                                                                              $25.00


Pramasana Scalp Masque with Cut

It's like a facial for your scalp. A scalp cleanse to build a strong foundation for beautiful hair.

60 minutes                                                                                              $55.00


De-mineralizing Treatment

Get rid of chlorine and other harmful chemicals that harm hair and scalp.

30 (approx) minutes                                                                             $42.00


De-mineralizing Treatment with Cut

Same healthy de-tox for your hair and add a cut!

60 (approx) minutes                                                                              $75.00


De-mineralizing Treatment before Perm or Color

Enhance your color experience by ridding yourself of harmful chemicals in your hair that may alter color.

30 minutes                                                                                             $30.00


Botanical Therapy Hair and Scalp Treatment

Relax while botanical nutrients are massaged into your hair and scalp. Enjoy the benefits of shiny, healthy hair.

90 minutes                                                                                             $68.00


Olaplex Treatment added to service


Added to Treatment$30.00